BUG in Net::LDAP v0.35 - Do NOT upgrade!

I have discovered a critical bug in Net::LDAP 0.35 and submitted the
following ticket to the developer:

In 0.35, the Net::Ldap::Util::ldap_error_name subroutine is broken which
means that all functions such as Net::LDAP->code() that return a message
as a constant are broken.

Instead of returning the correct message, Password Policy (PP) constants
are being returned instead.

The most crucial example is that a successful bind or search is
returning LDAP_PP_PASSWORD_EXPIRED (0) instead of LDAP_SUCCESS (0). You
can code around this failure by using resultCode() instead to get the
integer form of the result code, however all current perl modules that
determine results by using the constant names will function unexpectedly.

I am currently trying to decide which way to code around the bug in
RT::Authen::ExternalAuth so that those who’ve already upgraded to
Net::LDAP 0.35 can continue to use the extension, however v0.06 which
will work around the bug may not be released until Monday or Tuesday of
next week.
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