Bug in 3.4.4? Wrong CurrentUser for URI?

While working on a patch for the AddLink / 1 transaction
problem I can across the following code in Ticket::_AddLink
and Ticket::DeleteLink:

    my $remote_uri = RT::URI->new( $RT::SystemUser );
    $remote_uri->FromURI( $remote_link );

There is not real problem with the current code as it
is used. But in working on my patch I called:

       my $OtherObj = $remote_uri->Object;

and then:

      my ( $val, $Msg ) = $OtherObj->_NewTransaction(Type  => 'AddLink',

and as a result the new transaction was created by RT_System
instead of $self->CurrentUser.

My current solution is:

$OtherObj->CurrentUser( $self->CurrentUser )

but does anyone agree that the call to URI->new should
be fed $self->CurrentUser ?