Bug Fix for RT 3.0.10 and empty message bodies

If a ticket is created on the web front end with an empty description,
the the transaction viewing code shows:

Message body not shown because it is too large or is not plain text.
You can access it with the Download button on the right.

However, since there is not body, then there is no download link, hence
the message is incorrect. The message body is really not being shown
since there isn’t one :slight_smile:

The following patch displays the “empty” body, and displays an empty
download TD.


ps. I have also sent this through to rt-bugs@fsck.com, but as I know
that Jesse is planning on making on making 3.0.11 soon, and I have not
yet received a reply and I know that our mailsystem can be a little
flaky I am also sending this to rt-devel… sorry for the noise :-\

ShowTransaction.patch (1.05 KB)