Broken "contains" search for CF with multiple values

Hi, guys.

I found a suspicious behavior of { $subj =~ /^\S+\s(.+)$/ }.


CF.{Area} - Multiple select. 4 possible values - Oracle, MySQL, FreeBSD, Linux.

2 tickets:

  1. Subj = “test ticket FreeBSD MySQL”. Appropriate CF values selected.
  2. Subj = “test ticket Linux Oracle”. Similarly.

Search condition:

Now about the bug. Mentioned search will show both tickets in result instead of
second only. The search works correctly only if one CF value selected.

My questions:

  1. Is this bug or wrong search condition?
  2. If this is a bug, is there any plans to catch it?
  3. If I used wrong search condition, please provide me with correct one.

Thanks for help!

P.S. Checked on 3.4.4 (DBIx::SearchBuilder 1.51), 3.8.2 (DBIx::SB 1.54)

P.P.S. I found an e-mail with similar issue:

Agnislav Onufrijchuk
PortaOne, Inc., RT Developer
Tel: +1-866-SIP VOIP (+1 866 747 8647) ext. 7670