Bounces when sending emails directly via SMTP


our RT servers uses an external mail server for outgoing email messages,
i.e., it
directly speaks SMTP instead of calling a local sendmail/MTA.

Configuration is as follows (hostnames/addresses slightly obfuscated):

Set($MailCommand , ‘smtp’);
Set($SMTPServer, ‘’);
Set($SMTPFrom, undef);
Set($SMTPDebug, 0);
Set($SendmailPath , ‘undef’);
Set($SendmailArguments , ‘undef’);

Emails to a single recipient work fine, but messages to CCs or AdminCCs
in a bounce message, because RT uses a wrong address in the SMTP "RCPT TO"
command. In the case of AdminCCs it’s emtpy, i.e,. “<>”, and in the case of
CCs it’s something like “<,,>”.
Of course, emails with such a RCPT TO line get rejected by the SMTP server,
result in bounced messages.

When I configure a Scrip that sends messages to a requestor and CCs or
it only sends the email to the requestor but ignores the CCs or BCCs. In the
case of
AdminCCs, the message delivered to the requestor actually contains a "Bcc:"
listing the actual email address.

So anything but a single recipient in an email message does not work when
using direct SMTP.

Using a local MTA, i.e., sendmail/mailpipe may solve this issue, but that is
not an
option for us.

Our RT version is 3.4.1 (Debian package). Does anyone know for sure if
to 3.6 would solve this issue?

Any help would be appreciated.


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