Bounced Mail

Users are idiots. Most of us already know this. As such, they often have
invalid return addresses, and our mail to them bounces.

Here’s the scenario:

  • User sends mail from a full mailbox, which is bouncing.
  • Autoresponder gets sent
  • Autoresponder bounces, and is delivered to the ‘rt’ user
    (or the httpd user when the reponse was sent through the web
  • Our staff member wastes their time carefully researching the user’s
    query, and even more time responding.

What would be nice is if rt had a facility to accept and process bounced
mail. Mailman (which runs this list, and hundreds of lists here) does
this, and automatically suspends your list membership if it receives too
many bounces with your email address in it.

RT could do something similar, even if it was simply adding the bounce
message onto the bottom of the ticket. Unfortunately, the only indiction
of which ticket it belongs to would be in the mime attached message
original (which bounced).

I’ve toyed with implementing a nasty perl script to process mail, but I
can’t seem to get the RT CLI to add a comment onto a ticket (using 2.0.5).

Any suggestions from the list ?

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