Blank page problem after upgrade to RT 3.8.8


after upgrading our ticket system installation from Apache1.3 / RT 3.6.4
to Apache2.2 / RT 3.8.8, I regularly see blank pages on any occasion in
RT - this also affects the mail gateway.

The relevant error seems to be this one:
[Sun Aug 15 12:37:49 2010] [crit]: Apache2::RequestIO::rflush: (103)
Software caused connection abort at
/usr/share/perl5/HTML/Mason/ line 1026

I’m using 3.8.8 (upgraded installation) on an Apache2.2 machine with
mod_perl2. Any help would be appreciated as this is rather annoying for
me and my coworkers.

Apart from that, 3.8.8 is really a big step forward - all my colleagues
and me are pretty intrigued :slight_smile: