Binary attachment difference in REST between 3.4.5 and 3.6.1

I am getting mangled binary attachments only in 3.4.5 when I do

rt show ticket/ID/attachments/ID/content > one.doc

the same command, when pointed at an RT 3.6.1 server gives a perfect
file, openable in Word without problems. Even if I use the same database
instance so that the data is literally identical, 3.4.5 always gives me
a mangled Word doc. It’s larger than the good one every time. The
encoding of the attachment is the same, the Charset is the same …
looks like a difference in RT - anybody know where to look? I would like
to put in a temp fix until we move to 3.6.x. Its fine in the GUI for
both versions - the attachments open fine, it’s only when I get them
over REST.


Philip Kime
NOPS Systems Architect
310 401 0407