Bin/rt - broken, or just unfinished?

Greetings fellow RTers.

I’m checking bin/rt CLI interface, and I find it very… either unfinished or just broken :frowning:

For example:

1/ Cannot operate on groups:

+yacoob:~/rt[264]> rt show group/testbed-crew

Unknown object type: group

id: group/testbed-crew

2/ Cannot list users:

+yacoob:~/rt[267]> rt ls -t users "Name like ‘Ja%’"
rt: Unsupported object type.

Because of 1/, I have no fast way to create privileged users from script.
And this really sucks, because I do not wish to click every single user over and over :frowning:

3/ Can I use ‘Name’ with spaces?
It can be set during account creation via both bin/rt and web ui, but
afterwards I cannot edit it from cli:

+yacoob:~/rt[268]> rt edit "user/Jakub Turski"
rt: edit: Unrecognised argument ‘user/Jakub Turski’.
rt: edit: No objects specified.

…even after I change regexp in is_object_spec to accept arguments with

Basically, I want to do external auth on gecos field (which is set to AD
login), and have ‘Firstname Lastname’ in ‘Name’ field.

So far, I’ve changed realname to be ‘Firstname_Lastname’ instead of
’Firstname Lastname’ but it’s rather a workaround.

Can anyone help me on this? If not, I’d have to either inject sql queries by
hand, or click-it-out through web pages :E

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