Best way to mass update custom fields on old tickets

I’m recording people’s department information as a ticket customfield
from LDAP every time they create or update a new ticket (Like in the RT
Essentials example).

Now I need to update that custom field for all of the old tickets.

Any suggestions on the best way to do this?

  1. CLI - doesn’t seem to support custom fields (yet).

  2. Make a dummy custom scrip and trigger it

  • (e.g.Scrip says: if transaction changes priority to 10 run update
    dept action),
  • Use Query Builder to find all tickets (or do them in smaller batches)
  • Click “update multiple tickets”, set priority to 10
  • The transaction should kickoff scrip and update dept for everyone (and
    maybe crash my server).
  1. Multiple manual “Query Builder” search and update
  • Dump ticket requestors (using Query Builder and save results to
  • run a ldapsearch query to return needed info
  • sort results of query and run 1 Query Builder/Update multiple for each
  1. Custom perl script using API that can do a search, ldap query, and
    ticket update
  • I’d love to see a basic example using the API to search and update
    tickets (that is aware of custom fields).
  1. Something else?

Mike Patterson
Systems Manager
UC Berkeley Extension

I keep getting “Could not add new custom field value.
Permission Denied” when attempting to update a field.
I know that it’s permissions but I’ve added so many
permissions it’s crazy. So far the only sure way to
be able to do it is to make the user a super user.
What permissions are needed in order to do this?? I’ve
been assigning the “AssignCustomFields” but to no
avail. I’m sure this is something silly that I’m
missing. I’m on rt 3.4.4

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