Best Way to Conditionally Hide Ticket Fields


I’m building a queue that will take input from members of the public. There Is a whole group of fields that should only display if the user selects answer a or b, but not c. Additionally, there are fields within that group that have “explain…” fields that should appear if the user picks a choice from the dropdown requiring further detail.

I am wondering what the best way to accomplish this is. I downloaded the Conditional Custom Fields extension, but it appears that you can only have one condition on a field (which doesn’t help my a or b, but no c situation) and only one triggering field. I also found Toggle CFS on the wiki, but that appears to only be at page load. Is there a way to do this that I am unaware of? Should I just figure out how to use JavaScript on the ticket display and do it through JQuery?

ETA: The conditions do cascade. So, if field 3 only appears if field 2 is set to “yes”, but field 2 only appears if field 1 is, “Q”, field 3 will initially be hidden.

A workaround for the “dual trigger” issue would be to change the question structure, but I am curious if anyone has suggestions for that.

Thanks for any thoughts.

I ended up just building a form in Drupal. Using ExtractCustomFields to pull the right fields from the email message.