Bcc to watchers who are not AdminCC


I’m a noob to customizing RT, so excuse me if I’m missing something obvious.
Is there a scrip or some way to Bcc watchers who are not AdminCC?

We have some partners and when a ticket is created, we want to add
members of a group (or groups) to the Bcc field rather than CC, because
we don’t want their email addresses exposed. I understand that if I add
them to AdminCC for the queue, display of their email addresses will be
suppressed, but I don’t want to grant them AdminCC privileges.

Thanks for your help.

Paul Choi
Plaxo, Inc.

Responding to my own post here.
Another reason why I don’t want the partner email addresses added as
AdminCC is because I don’t want them receiving comment emails.
So, I want to be able to BCC them, but not have them receive comments.

If you have a similar scrip or something that might point me in the
right direction, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

Paul Choi wrote:

I found a brute-force method to do this. It’s like using a firehose to
put out a candle, but oh well. This is the best I can come up with. :slight_smile:

I created SendEmail_Local.pm and modified sub Prepare:

$self->SetHeader( 'To', join ( ', ', @{ $self->{'To'} } ) )
  if ( ! $MIMEObj->head->get('To') &&  $self->{'To'} && @{ 

$self->{‘To’} } )
#$self->SetHeader( ‘Cc’, join ( ', ', @{ $self->{‘Cc’} } ) )
# if ( !$MIMEObj->head->get(‘Cc’) && $self->{‘Cc’} && @{
$self->{‘Cc’} } );
#$self->SetHeader( ‘Bcc’, join ( ', ', @{ $self->{‘Bcc’} } ) )
# if ( !$MIMEObj->head->get(‘Bcc’) && $self->{‘Bcc’} && @{
$self->{‘Bcc’} }
my @bcclist;
push @bcclist, @{ $self->{‘Cc’} }
if ( !$MIMEObj->head->get(‘Cc’) && $self->{‘Cc’} && @{
$self->{‘Cc’} } );
push @bcclist, @{ $self->{‘Bcc’} }
if ( !$MIMEObj->head->get(‘Bcc’) && $self->{‘Bcc’} && @{
$self->{‘Bcc’} }

$self->SetHeader( 'Bcc', join ( ', ', @bcclist ) )
  if (scalar @bcclist != 0);

The change above simply takes the contents of ‘Cc’ and adds them to ‘Bcc’.

I’d love to find out if there’s a gentler way to do it via a scrip or
something. Maybe when I can figure out how to add a ScripAction. :slight_smile:

Paul Choi
Plaxo, Inc.

Paul Choi wrote: