Basic RT setup questions

Hi all,

I’ve been lurking on the list for quite a while, learning about how
to build RT. I’d like to get RT running in it’s stock form on a Mac
OS X machine. I had never compiled anything of this magnitude
before, so I was a little intimidated to start out. After a couple
of rounds I am pretty comfortable with installing the components of
mod_perl and RT, but I’m getting stuck right at the end. I can’t
seem to keep apache running. I’m assuming either
a) installing a newer version of apache killed OS X’s ability to
start it
b) I screwed up something else that’s preventing apache from running
(maybe installed it in the wrong place?)

I’m getting success with apachectl configtest and apachectl start
(and restart), but I cannot get the machine to respond to a local web
browser. I also don’t see anything when I grep apache. Maybe I just
need a correction in my httpd.conf… or an apache lesson. For now
I’d just like to see a response from the local machine, I’m not
concerned with remotely accessing RT yet. I assume once I get things
running locally I’ll be able to use it all remotely anyway.

I followed the wiki instructions for building on OS X and it mostly
went smoothly (I think). I’d a little clarification on something
though: Someone mentions on the wiki page that installing a new
apache and mod_perl is unnecessary with OS 10.4. Okay, that sounds
great but how do I get the apple-shipped versions to work? Is it as
easy as un-commenting the mod_perl lines in the default apache.conf

Anyone else who’s gotten this running on OS X, please drop me a line
off-list. I’d like to clear up the install instructions and get RT
running, and I’d be happy to post up some clearer instructions on the
installation. No offense meant to the person who put up the long
list of OS X instructions, but I found it very hard to follow towards
the end. It seems like some blend of your instructions and the
manual installation instructions are necessary, but I don’t know
where to switch from one to the other.

Mac OS X 10.4.2 (a modified version of freebsd)
MySQL 4.1.14
RT 3.4.4
Apache 1.3.33
Mod_Perl 1.29
PHP 5.0.5

Thanks for any help