Bad encoding of "&" in url stored in ticket content

I just updated RT from 4.0.6 to 4.4.1 with success.
I now see a problem in the url encoding of “&” into “&” making the url unusable.

The base url is :

The url is stored in the database as :
<div><a href=";fc=SIM_num&amp;fv=123456789">;fc=SIM_num&amp;fv=123456789</a><br />

When clicking the link the browser is receiving the following url :;fc=SIM_num&amp;fv=123456789

Is it a bug or can I change it by configuration ?

I found this issue already described in the issue #31169, but no update on a possible correction.

It looks more like a bug when storing the urls into the database.

The issue is fixed in 4.4-trunk, and will be included in RT 4.4.2 when it is released.

If you wish to apply the fix manually, the relevant commit is here.

I applied the fix. But unfortunately I have the same result in the history of the ui.

The patch now works. I just had to applied it correctly works !
I forgot the clean of the manson cache. (

Thanks Alex !!