AW: Quickly jumping to a queue


  1. Put that code into WebRT/Elements/JumpToQueue (new file):
  <& /Elements/SelectQueue, Name=>'ValueOfQueue', ShowNullOption => 0&>
  1. Include it on the index.html page:

<& /Elements/JumpToQueue &>



Von: Chr. v. Stuckrad []
Bereitgestellt: Samstag, 5. Oktober 2002 22:28
Betreff: Re: [rt-users] Quickly jumping to a queue

Well, this definitively ‘helps’ (if it works as I assume it
works; didn’t try it yet :slight_smile: but as I understand it, it will
reset some Parameters to default values?


I.e. it sets

You can just delete the parts, you do not want to get reset

I’m already changing this to unlimited all the time and then
after a few clicks I’m back to 50. So I assume inserting this
Form will one more time create a link with this situation.

Is there a way to ‘stay with the current/latest settings’ ?

Click on the “Search” Button

BTW.: If you want to have the “Jump to” selector on all pages, you
should include it in /WebRT/Elements/Tabs, not index.html.