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this was also a issue in our company, so learning by doing
I got this solution. There are beter ways for sure.

To get ALWAYS an entry about the time worked when a ticket is updated,
I added this Javascript to

nd in the %ARGS section
$Repl => “yes”

and to <path_to_where_RT_lives>/WebRT/html/Elements/Submit
inside both “<INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT, before ‘%if ($Name)…’” tags

%if ($Repl) {
onClick=“return test()”

and in the %ARGS section
$Repl => ‘’

I think it should also be able to react on the DefaultStatus.
Hope this helps
Ritschi =B-)

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Hi Guys,

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  1. Is it possible to prevent a ticket being closed unless
    someone enters
    time in the Time worked field?

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