AW: Newest Unowned Ticket rights?

Hello Glenn,

you have to click the Edit button right of the newest unowned tickets box, then click on Search-Unowned Tickets and then
got to Advanced. There you see the advanced serach panel and there you can compare it with the initial data and correct the search.

ChrisVon: Glenn Sieb []
Gesendet: Samstag, 14. April 2007 02:26
An: Loos, Christian
Betreff: Re: [rt-users] Newest Unowned Ticket rights?

Loos, Christian wrote:

Hello Glenn,

i think you have changed the search for Newest Unowned Tickets. The
is a bug in rt, if you change the search by “Edit Search” the tickets
are no more clickable. Just look in /etc/initialdata for “Search -
Unowned Tickets” and compare it with your search by looking at the
“Advanced” search.

Hi Chris!

Here’s what initialdata says:

 { Name => 'Search - Unowned Tickets',
   Description => '[_1] newest unowned tickets', # loc
   Content     =>

‘Take’ #loc

   { Format => "'<a 

QueueName, ExtendedStatus, CreatedRelative, '<A
HREF="WebPath/Ticket/Display.html?Action=Take&id=id">loc(Take)/TITLE: ’
Query => " Owner = ‘Nobody’ AND ( Status = ‘new’ OR Status =
OrderBy => ‘Created’,
Order => ‘DESC’ },

I don’t see anything under Advanced (or even going into “Tickets,
Advanced” under RT… Sorry for being a doof on this–I love RT
immensely, and when it works, it works so well… but when it breaks…
ack! :slight_smile: