AW: New status not working properly

Hi mathew,
Have on on look into the query that generates the Tickets you own screen, its only searching for new open and stalled, you have to add your new active status there also.

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Subject: [rt-users] New status not working properly

In order move closer to ITIL compliance, we need a new status called “Client
Wait”. I’ve followed the wiki instructions regarding but it
doesn’t, as the wiki says, Just Work. If I add a status to the @Active list,
setting a ticket to that status causes the ticket to become inactive (at least,
it doesn’t show up in the “10 Tickets I Own” list). How do I ensure it will
show up and remain active?


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Now I feel like a dummy. Your response looked a bit too familiar and sure
enough, I asked this question before and you answered it before.

My apologies for clogging up the user list.

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