AW: Can't call method "Parse" when sending && rt-crontool

Hello out there,
I have some trouble with receiving mail with rt 3.0.11. rt is set up and running, sends and receives mails. The crontool >works finde for escalation. Now I´m trying to use it to send notification to owner of ticket if his/her tickets exceed their final >prio:

–search RT::Search::ActiveTicketsInQueue --search-arg ‘General’
–condition RT::Condition::PriorityExceeds --condition-arg ‘10’
–action RT::Action::Notify --action-arg ‘Owner’ --verbose”

The given Error message is:
"[crit]: Can’t call method “Parse” on an undefined value at /usr/share/request-tracker3/lib/RT/Action/ line 210.
2: Condition trifft zu…"

rt-crontool was not ment to send mail´s! Thanks to Senoner Samuel to give me that hint!
Use Mr. Bishops rt-reminder script