AW: Cannot send mail from another account than 'root'

Thank you for your answer.

I don’t see any message in sendmail’s log file. When I reply to a ticket
logged in as root, I see a confirmation entry. If I am logged in as another
user I don’t see anything.

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Gesendet: Dienstag, 6. Juli 2004 15:05
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Betreff: Re: Cannot send mail from another account than ‘root’

A reply to an existing ticket only reaches the recepient if I am logged in
to RT web interface as ‘root’. If I login as another user I get the normal
confirmation from RT but the mail isn’t sent.
I see no error message in RT’s, apache’s, sendmail’s or Solaris’ log file.
Via RT web interface I granted all users the right to reply to a ticket. I
also tried granting superuser privileges - without success.

Do the sendmail logs indicate a message is being sent? Are you sure
it’s not something external?