Autreply doesn't work - use of watchers?


We have just installed RT and I am now preparing the administrational
settings. For that I have two questions:

1)I created a usergroup for normal users that are just allowed to create
tickets and comment on them. I have choosen the following rights:

CommentOnTicket, CreateTicket, ModifySelf, ReplyToTicket, SeeQueue,
ShowACL, ShowTicket, ShowTicketComments, Watch

My first text was creating a normal ticket. I added an AdminCC manually.
This person got the email with the Transaction-Template, but the
Requestor got no email, although I didn’t delete the default scrip “On
Create Autoreply”

Why didn’t the requestor get an autoreply? Is there anything wrong with
the group rights? Or did we forget something in the installation?

  1. What ist the use of queue watchers? They are not displayed in a
    transparent way, when you create a ticket. When do they get informed
    about a ticket?

thanks for your help!