AutoSetOwner issue


I am using the AutoSetOwner scrip as described on

The problem I am seeing is that when enabled it seems to send out an 

email with the following message in the message body

This transaction appears to have no content

It also seems to be set after the email first notifications since the
email notifications still say the owner is nobody and yet the web page
for the ticker reports that an owner is set. This second is not a big
deal, but how can I stop the email with content shown above from ever
being sent.

Thanks for any suggestions

If you have set the template to Blank, then it should n’t be sending any
emails at all …
Ist possible that you have another scrip with condition on OwnerChange,
that is sending these emails??
I did n’t like the “This transaction appears to have no content” so for
any template used for owner or status change I put the following code to
include the original request in the mail message:
my $cont = ‘’;
my $trans = $Ticket->Transactions;
$trans->Limit(FIELD => ‘Type’, VALUE => ‘Create’);
while (my $tran = $trans->Next) {
my $attach = $tran->Attachments;
while (my $msg = $attach->Next){
next unless $msg->ContentType =~ m!^(text/plain|message|text$)!i;
my $content = $msg->Content;
next unless $content;
next if $cont eq $content;
$cont = $content;
my $wrapper = Text::Wrapper->new(columns=>70);
$cont = $wrapper->wrap($cont);
$cont ;


Steven McDonald wrote: