Good day,

This is a second call for help. The first post was on 12/21, maybe I’ll
have better luck this time.

I’ve got an email alias set up. I send it email from the email address
associated with my RT user account. A ticket is created, but I don’t get a
response back.

I discovered and changed the RedistributeAutoGeneratedMessages variable in
our file. I set it to 1 instead of ‘privileged’. This
changed the behavior in the rt.log. Instead of stating:
Not redistributing this message to unprivileged users based on site

I now get the following for both Scrip #3 (on create autoreply) and Scrip
No recipients found. Not sending.

I also changed the NotifyActor value to 1. Same result.

I’m fairly new to RT. This is a new install and we’ve never had this
working. Am I missing something?

Summary: RT 3.6.5 Using Apache with mod_perl on Solaris 10.

Since the first post, I did a few more tests and I can only get an AutoReply
if I create the ticket via the web. If I use the mail gateway, I don’t get
an AutoReply.

Anyone have any ideas?

Bill Fischer