AutoOpen ScripAction questions

Hi Everybody!

I could be mistaken, but judging from the comment:

if the ticket is already open or the ticket is new and the message is

more mail from the

requestor, don’t reopen it.

lib/RT/Action/ should be more like:
if (($self->TicketObj->Status eq ‘open’) || ($self->TicketObj->Status eq
’new’ && $self->TransactionObj->IsInbound)) {
if (($self->TicketObj->Status ne ‘open’) &&
$self->TransactionObj->IsInbound ) {

But that’s just my interpretation of the comment.

The issue which drew my attention to this file is the fact that “On
Correspond Open Tickets with template Blank” is not opening tickets when
correspondence comes from the requestor (the current status of the
ticket, for my testing, has been “stalled”, primarily, although I did
try with a “deleted” ticket, too). It works perfectly if someone else
(the owner, incidentally, in my tests) replies via email.

Can anyone enlighten me as to what I’ve done wrong / misinterpreted?

Potentially Useful Numbers:
RT 2.1.85
Apache 1.3.26
MySQL 3.23.52
Perl 5.8.0