AutomaticAssignment Scrip not in dropdown - solved

Hi there!
I’m trying to set up AutoAssignments using the AutoAssign extension. I got the extension installed, I removed the cache, restarted webserver, the auto-assign tab is showing on the que admin page but i can’t add the scrip action because the action AutoAssign is not showing up in the action list on the create scrip page.

The logs are not showing that there should be any problems. Is this a permissions problem?

It’s a fresh install on ubuntu 18.04, RT 4.4.4 with rtir.

Or maybe the extension developer has a scrip available to copy and paste.

Sorry for the messy post, been banging my head against every hard surface within reach for the past hours.

I had to load the scrips into database.

For anyone with a similar problem after installing an extension, you have to do make initdb in the extension folder. In my case that didn’t work so I had to give full paths to what I wanted to load in. With the following command.


/opt/rt4/sbin/rt-setup-database --action insert --datafile /path/to/your/initialdata