Automatically search in articles on new ticket

We have a lot of articles in RT.
However, since articles are written by different people, and some
articles could be quite old, when a new ticket comes in that nobody
knows (or remembers) how to solve, we seldomly look into the articles.

There are times when one of us fights against a problems for hours only
to find - hours later- that it was already documented in an RT article.

While this may be mitigated by educating ourselves to look into RT
articles as soon as we are confronted with an unknown problem, I am
wondering if anybody has thought about implementing a smarter solution.

What I am thinking is some kind of automatic keyword search, like those
you see on many support sites: when a ticket is taken, keyword from the
ticket subject (or body) are searched for in the articles, and all the
matching articles are presented next to the ticket itself.

Did anybody implement such a thing?
If not, how would you go about implementing it (I am interested in doing
some coding, but I’m not sure about how to proceed).