Automatic status incrementation - new => open

Hi all,

I’ve an issue with tickets in the ’ new ’ status and i don’t see the
easyest way to solve it

Sometimes, my users will have to put a comment in a ’ new ’ ticket but
for different reasons ( workflow reasons ) , the ticket’s status must
be ‘unchanged’ after the comment akcnowledgement. Today, an update on a
’new’ ticket will give it the ’ open’ status

Off course, before updating the ticket, they have the possibility to
change manually the status setting, changed by default to ’ open’ by
choosing ’ new, unchanged ’ , but some of them will forgot to do it …

In fact I would like the default status to be ’ new, unchanged ’ instead
of ‘open’ after a comment on an untouched ticket ( new ).

According to you, which is the best way to do it ?

By advance thanks a lot. I’m using a 3.4.0 release.