Autocreate uses + Active directory

I have managed to get my authentication to work against my active

However it does not create the users for me so I have to manually create
the user and then it authenticate against my AD

What am I missing?

Here is my RT_Sitecofig

Set($WebExternalAuth , ‘1’);

Set($WebFallbackToInternalAuth , ‘1’);

Set($WebExternalGecos , undef);

Set($WebExternalAuto , ‘1’);

Set($LDAPExternalAuth, ‘1’); # Enable LDAP auth

Set($LdapServer, “”);

Set($LdapCAFile, undef);

Set($LdapUser, ‘cn=rtldap,CN=Users,dc=cctus,dc=com’);

Set($LdapPass, ‘Password’);

Set($LdapAuthStartTLS, ‘0’); # Need to use TLS or ldaps to
check passwords

Set($LdapAuthBase, “ou=Users,ou=Denver,dc=cctus,dc=com”);

Set($LdapAuthUidAttr, ‘sAMAccountName’);

Set($LdapAuthFilter, ‘(objectClass=user)’);

Set($LdapMailBase, ‘ou=Denver,ou=Denver,dc=cctus,dc=com’);

Set($LdapMailFilter, ‘(objectClass=user)’);

Set($LdapMailScope, ‘sub’);

Set($LdapMailSearchAttr, ‘mail’);

%RT::LdapMailResultMap = (

    'sAMAccountName'        => 'Name',

    'mail'                  => 'EmailAddress',

    'cn'                    => 'RealName',


You should add the code from LdapAutocreateAuthCallback
into ${RTHOME}/local/html/Callbacks/LDAP/autohandler/Auth if you haven’t
done it yet.
You can find this code at
Hope it helps.
Jason Prouty wrote: