Auto adding cc to ticket issue


I am testing RT 4.4.3 and have a question about adding cc.
Even I set “Set($ParseFollowupMessageForTicketCcs , 1);”, cc email is not automatically added as the cc on a ticket. I need to go to people and make it as cc manually.

Am I missing something? I would appreciate if Anyone can help me with this matter.

According to the 4.4.3 documentation for RT_SiteConfig that isn’t an available default option. It was an option that was included in a patch for previous versions, so have you applied that patch to your local copy of the code? Alternatively there is the scrip complement to the patch.

Note that both the patch and scrip come with a security warning that they allow any old random person on the Internet to potentially add themselves as a watcher just by emailing into a case. You may or may not want this!

Thank you! The script resolved my issue.