Attachments, attachments, wherefore art thou attac hmets?


I’m having a similar problem. I just installed RT and I’ve been creating
test tickets like crazy and every once in a while when I add an attactment
to a ticket and then create the ticket, there is no link on the Display.html
for that attachment in the ticket. The attachment seems to be there, but
the ‘Download size’ link isn’t there for that
attachment. Also, the attachment itself isn’t listed in the 'Attachments’
box either. I’ve created test tickets with multiple attachments, and other
attachments in the same ticket are uploaded correctly. It seems like it
happens to mostly word documents, but certainly not all word documents. And
it’s repeatable with the same darn attachment. I have no idea what’s
causing it. Anyone? Maybe please? :slight_smile:

My system:
RT 3.0.8
Perl 5.8.4
mod_perl 1.29
apache 1.3.29
RH Enterprise

Thanks in advance!
Mike Ridilla

System Admin
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Once again, I want to say that RT is such a great tool and a big thank you
to all the people who’s contributed to its success.

I’ve almost got our RT implementation to production state, but we now have
just one niggling little injury that somebody might be kind enough to offer
some thoughts on. I’ve searched through the list and can find somewhat
similar problems, but nobody seems to suffer exactly the same symptoms.

When I create a ticket I can add one or more attachments to it. This works
fine and the attachments can be downloaded afterwards (ie, they are not
corrupt). However the problem is that when I edit a ticket using "Jumbo"
and add other attachments they simply do not appear in the Attachments box.
The comment appears in the comments list, but the attachment is completely
absent. There are no errors thrown up in the log. It was as if I never
even added a filename to the “Attach:” field under Jumbo.

Would anybody have encountered a similar problem? Does anybody have any
suggestions for a) fixing it, or b) debugging it.

The box:
Sun Ultra-2, 1GB memory
Solaris 8
RT 3.0.9
Perl 5.8.0

Damien Lederer

Solaris Administrator
ITSA Information Technology