Attachment woes

I’ve been playing around with attachments as this is crucial to the way I’d
like to use RT. There are currently two issues that I’ve noted.

Issue #1

If I email a report to RT with a single attachment, then it gets recorded,
but no link to retrieve it is displayed in the GUI. Any subsequent
attachments emailed to this ticket (or added via the web UI) are recorded,
and have a link available.

If I email a report with multiple attachments, they’re all recorded with
links for retrieval.

Any attachment that is added using the web UI to a ticket that didn’t
previously have an attachment, records and links as expected.

Issue #2

Any attachments that are linked to, end up downloaded as seemingly empty
files unless they were originally a text file.

The only thing I’ve been able so far to discern is that the Attachments
table contains the column Content which is a LongText type. Is this
correct? Is encoding used instead of a blob of some sort?

I’m using fetchmail to retrieve from a POP3 server
Versions are as follows

OS - Gentoo with 2006.1 profile
Kernel - 2.6.15-gentoo-r1
Rt - 3.6.1
Apache - 1.3.37
Mod_perl - 1.29
Mysql - 5.0.26-r1
Perl - 5.8.8-r2
Postfix - 2.3.4
Fetchmail - 6.3.5-r1

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,