Attachment problem on update.html

HI All,

If I disable the dropzone, the update.html’s attach section is lke ithis:

Moreover if I browse a file to attach, the Add more button disappears.
RT version is 5.0.1

How can I fix this issue?



Seems to be a bug in the HTML, you can submit a bug report at:

Thanks, I submitted it.

Until the buxfix releases, do you have any clue how can I workaround this?
I know, use the dropzone, but there a problem it (for my users): It doesn’t show the full file name after attached and my users can’t doublecheck it.
It can also be a solution if the dropzone shows the attached file’s full name.

The quick fix would be to create a local overlay of the file that is causing the bug:


Then make the necessary changes to the HTML to fix the bug

Hi Eszter,

We have a fix for this in branch, 5.0/fix-old-attach-layout. The fix is in review, but not merged yet.

In the meantime, if you want to create an overlay with the fix, here is a copy of the fixed file from the branch.