Attachment filename encode problem (via Web interface)

Hi all,

I found the following problem:
If I attach a file on the web interface with utf8 characters in the filename
it will
appear wrong in the attachments box (showing the octets of the utf8 string).
It is wrong in IE, FF, Chrome and under Mac, Linux, Windows also.
If I send the same file into the ticket via email everything is fine.
We use version 3.8.8.
We have some customers also using RT so I tried it in earlier versions and
I found out that it works well until version 3.8.7. I also found out that
error is in lib/RT/Interface/ The commit when it becomes wrong was

I don’t know what is the good solution for this problem but if I “downgrade”
this line:
$filename = Encode::encode_utf8( $filename );
$filename = Encode::decode_utf8($filename);
in, everything is good again so it’s a workaround for this problem.

Do you know about this bug (if it is a bug)? Do you have a better fix?

BALINT Bekeny / DOCCA OutSource IT Ltd.