Hi folks,

I have a question regarding attachements on a response.

The attachement shows up in the database but I haven’t been able to get
it to show up in any mail. Is this a bug, an installation problem or by

Andreas Schiffler

PS: RT 2.0.8 on Mandrake 8.1

Here is a use case for you.

I have a queue set up for my tasks as a lab manager.

When I’m going to be working on a machine, I send out an announcement, as a
ticket in RT.

I have the queue set so that anyone may reply to a ticket, not just the owner
or requestor.

What I’d like is to have those folks that reply, be added as requestors, so
that if I reply to the ticket, they’ll all get the reply.

i.e. OnReply add user as requestor

I don’t see a scrip to do this.

If it’s not currently possible, please consider this a feature request.

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