not read after upgrade to AT1.2.3, RT3.6.3

More of an AssetTracker question than RT, but the AT list is still down,
and this probably (hopefully?) has some parallels to RT.

After upgrading this weekend from RT3.4.4, AT1.2.1 to RT3.6.3, AT1.2.3,
it appears that my is not being read. Specifically, my
custom statuses do not appear, only the default statuses do. Also,
default status I have marked as inactive still appear.

Permissions on the file and its parent directories look ok. It is at
least readable by all.

dr-xr-xr-x 3 root wheel 512 Dec 10 18:51 .
drwxr-xr-x 3 root wheel 512 Dec 10 18:51 …
-r-xr-xr-- 1 root wheel 2199 Dec 13 08:33
-r-xr-xr-- 1 root wheel 481 Jan 29 10:04

I have attached the file in question. Does anyone have any suggestions
for troubleshooting this? I’m logging debug out to file, and I don’t
see any errors related to this.

Ryan (481 Bytes)

rfox.vcf (276 Bytes)

Fix the file permissions on etc/AT_*.

The RT upgrade process locks down the permissions on
everything in etc.