Assign Tab & New Tickets Window

I have added to our system. If anyone is interested in these mods just
email me. They’re simple, but helped us a lot.

  1. I replaced the “Tickets I Requested…” window on the home screen with a
    window that shows all the tickets with status new. If a ticket comes in
    that we know will be assigned to us before it gets assigned we can grab it.
    Also we can help other users when they get busy and can’t get to their

  2. I also added a new tab next to People and Links on the ticket page that
    looks like the people assignment tab, but just assigns owner. It makes it
    easier and more straight forward for a supervisor to assign a ticket.

These are simple mod, but I thought someone just starting out might
appreciate them.

Brad Pinkston
Centenary College of LA
Firewall/Network Administrator
IT Department
(318) 869-5003