Asset Custom Field Sorting


Is there any way to sort the order of custom fields in Assets?

I know in documentation I can change the custom fields in ticket transaction, but have thus far been unable to find anything for the asset custom fields.

Here is my grouping and a screenshot of how it appears. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Custom Fields Edit

‘RT::Asset’ => [
‘Product Details’ => [‘Add-Ons’, ‘Internet Package’, ‘TV Package’, ‘Additional STB’, ‘Additional DVR’],
‘Customer Info’ => [‘Unit Number’, ‘Street Name’, ‘Block and Parcel’, ‘Complex or Building Name’, ‘Area’, ‘Customer ID’, ‘Email Address’, ‘Phone Number’, ‘Source’, 'Repr$
‘Provisioning Info’ => [‘FSAN’, ‘Install Date’, ‘MAC ADDRESS’, ‘ONT Position’, ‘MXK’],