Articles in 4.4.1, Issues with search and text showing up in comments

Having an issue while setting up articles in RT 4.4.1.
I have made the following RT_SiteConfig changes:

#Set Articles
Set($ArticleOnTicketCreate, 1);
Set($HideArticleSearchOnReplyCreate, 0);

On Create, I do not see Articles for an option.

ON Reply, Comment, the search comes up, but does not work.
I am able to put in the article number, but that only adds a link, not any text to the comment.

What am I doing wrong?

I have 4 classes, with 4 tickets under each.
I get a search box, and no matter what I type I get no options.

Under Articles,
I am able to search for articles, but only for the class.
I am also unable to load or save searches.

I have also tried logged in as root, same thing.
Search Box Example:

Article added as a link, no text added

My issue was self resolved.
I needed to add the Class to the ticket queue and now I get the drop downs.