Are comments only recorded from a Superuser?

I am using RT-3.6.1 on Debian 3.1, thanks to great instructions from the
RT_Wiki site.

I have this situation where I have some custom fields that are used on
comment or reply only (Ticket Transaction)… and comments are added by the
supervisors group. The only thing is that after a supervisor writes his
comments he gets a message saying “Message Recorded”, but if he checks the
history link of the ticket it does not display any of the custom fields or
comments that he just wrote.
I have set up the Everyone and Supervisors group to the following
Comment on Ticket
Create Ticket
Reply to ticket
See custom field
See Queue
Show Ticket
Show Ticket comments
However when the comments are written by root or a superuser, they display
as expected get the Message Recorded, and all works fine…

Am I missing a set of permissions for the Supervisors group? or it is part
of RT’s funcionality to have comments displayed only by a superuser ( but
that grants access to other parts that the supervisors should not see, only
our managers should?

I am terribly sorry, if this posting is extermely long and if it has been
discussed earlier…

Any help will be appreciated…

Carlos Lopez – Glad to announce that is using RT as a Helpdesk
System for our 3 resorts

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