Approval tickets not created in disabled queues in RT 3.8.2


We are testing an upgrade from 3.6.0 to 3.8.2. We have a scrip/template running on our Changes queue to create an approval ticket in the ___Approvals queue upon creation. This is not working if the ___Approvals queue is disabled. It will only create tickets in enabled queues (I have set it to create the approval ticket in the Changes queue and in an enabled ___Approvals queue and both worked). The same setup with the disabled queue works in our 3.6.0 installation.

Here is the template:

===Create-Ticket: changeapproval
Depended-On-By: TOP
Queue: ___Approvals
Type: approval
AdminCc: {
my $group_name = ‘Global Change Approvers’;
my $groups = RT::Groups->new( $RT::SystemUser );

‘FIELD’ => ‘Name’,
‘OPERATOR’ => ‘=’,
‘VALUE’ => $group_name );
Content: Someone has created a change ticket. you should review and approve it, so they can finish their work

The scrip settings are:

Description: Create Approval Ticket
Condition: On Create
Action: Create Tickets
Template: Global Template: Change Approval
Stage: TransactionCreate

We are running:
Perl v5.8.8 under linux
Apache2::Module v2.000004;
mod_perl v2.000004;

Has anyone else encountered this problem and been able to solve it? Thanks.

Carrie Fickies
Change Management Coordinator
Business & Technology Solutions
38905 Six Mile Rd.
Livonia, MI 48152
734-432-8061 ext. 28061

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