Approval Queue Approved/Rejected Templates and "Parent"Request Correspondence

I should of mentioned it’s 3.8.6…-----Original Message-----
From: on behalf of Foggi, Nicola
Sent: Tue 3/2/2010 11:33 PM
Subject: [rt-users] Approval Queue Approved/Rejected Templates and "Parent"Request Correspondence

Hey Everyone,

So we’re utilizing approvals, and when an approver approvals or rejects a request, the owner of the “parent” request gets double notifications. The first is from the templates:

Approval Passed
All Approvals Passed
Approval Rejected

the 2nd email is the fact that it puts the notes from the approver as correspondence on the original request. It looks like the template names are hard coded into the code, so if I were to rename them (as to not delete them) what would that break?

or is there a way to filter the and id that it’s correspondence from the approval system and not send that email notification out but send others out? we want to be able to receive correspondence updated, i might be able to filter on the subject since that’s defined from the approval template?

thoughts? or am I missing a simple fix?