Approval before correspondence is delivered


I’m looking into some approval mechanisms, and I can’t seem to find
what I’m looking for. From reading the docs and wikis on approval, it
seems that the approval mechanisms are most often used to allow a
certain group of RT3 users control over whether given tickets are
resolved, etc.

Instead, I want to have a group of users be granted approval authority
over the correspondence sent to requestors themselves. In other
words, requestor creates ticket, some user from “Level 1” group writes
a “potential” answer in the form of correspondence to that requestor,
and it is queued (using the term generically) for delivery to the
requestor. However, before it can be delivered, some other user from
“Level 2” group MUST approve the answer/correspondence.

The obvious hack-ish way I could imagine doing this is allowing “Level
1” group members to comment upon tickets, but only allowing “Level 2”
group members to reply to tickets. Then, L1 writes the proposed
answer as a comment, and if L2 approves, she can just copy the comment
into a reply. Workable, but very ugly, I think, since all tickets
would have completely duplicate entries in comments/correspondence.

What’s the right way to do this please?


Daniel A. Freedman, Graduate Fellow
Electronic Structure Calculations, LASSP, Cornell University