Applying changes to

Please excuse me for my ignorance. I have attempted to search through the archives to find an answer to a simple question without much luck.

How do you apply changes made in and

Also I have attempted to change $rtname from to my local domain, but I still see RT for at the top of the RT web interface.

I am using version 3.0.6 of rt.


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Did you restart the web server running RT.
At 12:02 PM 10/16/2003, wrote:

Did you restart the web server running RT.

That’s a Frequently Answered Question :slight_smile: See

rt-users mailing list

Have you read the FAQ? The RT FAQ Manager lives at

Is there any ongoing attempt to update the FAQ? Quite a few of the entries
are RT2-specific, and 3.0 has been out for six months. Likewise the RT3 doc,
which doesn’t mention the CLI at all.
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