Anything special about the "root" user? Can it be deleted?

I am new to rt, have a test version running and am trying to configure it
to eventually take over from a homegrown system we are currently using
(and looking forward to lots of new features).

I added Andy Harrison’s AutoCreateFromExternalUserInfo stuff, and was
running into problems wherein accounts were not being created (logs reported
a permission problem). I eventually tracked it to the fact that the AutoCreate
file was trying to create them as user “root”, and shortly after I initialized
the database (several times:) I create an account for myself, make it
superuser, and removed all rights from “root”.

My question is, is the “root” account supposed to be special (I thought the
RT_System account was the one that should be used for such things). I noticed
that rt-mailgate code seems to attempt to connect as root with the default
install password, but clearly a production RT server should not be requiring
a superuser account with fixed password that anyone in the world can access.

Indeed, once I set up another superuser account, is their any reason not to
just delete “root”.