Anyone seen RT used as a service catalog?

Hi list,

Has anyone used or heard of RT being used as a service catalog (from
the ITIL definition)? A service catalog basically has definitions of
different services that a business offers and what steps/costs/
authorisation/etc is required to implement them. For example, rolling
out a new web site may be a service in the catalog which would have
steps like ordering a new web server, provisioning hosting,
configuring the web server with HTTP/FTP services, creating the
content, putting content through QA processes, etc.

In RT I would imagine that I’d need:

  1. a way to define these services within RT

  2. a way to implement a complex ticket workflow based on the definitions

    • for the example above, deciding to action the "new web site"
      service may automatically create tickets for each of the above steps
      in their respective queues and create the appropriate dependency links
      (some of these could be done in parallel, but some need to be done
      sequentially – ie. we need to wait before the new web server arrives
      before we can configure it!)

Any input appreciated.


Tom Lanyon
Systems Administrator
NetSpot Pty Ltd