Anyone playing with RT3beta and LDAP?

Hi Fellow Listers!

Just wondering if anyone is playing with the RT3 betas, authenticating
against LDAP? I’m wondering if I can get a similar setup going for
testing (probably against RT3 RC’s) like the one I have now. I’m
neither a professional programmer, nor am I a professional sysadmin, I’m
just an overworked lab tech who likes to tinker! :wink:

Currently, we’re running a customized version of rt-2-0-12, with the
autohandler hacked to auth against LDAP using short usernames (from
/contribs), so we can use our short logins and grab info from LDAP and
stuff it into the db. We’re also running the script from
the /contribs directory, to replace the e-mail addresses that might get
stuffed into the username fields when tickets are entered in via the
e-mail gateway, with the short usernames and other info we grab from
LDAP and stuff into the db. Yes, it seems complicated, but it works
well for us. (It also helps update maidennames to married names (as
long as uid stays the same). An unexpected benefit to our users! :wink:

Just wondering if all this will be necessary in RT3. We prefer to use
the RT login/logout functionality, since we’re supporting an R&D lab
environment, with lots of shared computers (and shared browsers).

Jesse, any thought to doing a modular Auth system (a nice example is the
Xaraya Content management system where they have
the default auth system, and modular systems where you can specify the
search order. The user table has entries where you can specify which
auth system each user is authenticated by (i.e. root, guest, demo auth
by authsystem, everybody else default to authldap). Assuming you
haven’t already built it into RT3.

BTW Jesse, great job on RT3! I’ve played with the demo on and
it looks great! Looking forward to being able to upgrade!

Thanks for your time, folks!