ANNOUNCE: Asset Tracker 1.0.0

I am pleased to announce the release of Asset Tracker 1.0.

Asset Tracker (AT) is an add-on for Request Tracker (RT) 3.4.

AT is designed to keep track of assets such as: servers, switches,
desktops, or anything else. If you understand RT, AT should feel
very natural. AT uses RT’s custom fields system and has a similar
query interface.

You can try AT by going to:

The current version of AT is 1.0.0 and can be downloaded from
the AT wiki:

Please see the wiki for information about AT, including mailing
lists for support and bug reporting.

Asset Tracker is release by Todd Chapman and is licensed under the GPL.

Please Note: Asset Tracker is not a product of Best Practical and
is not supported by Best Practical. The proper place for discussing
Asset Tracker are the AT mailing lists, which are linked from the

RT-Announce mailing list