An improved shredding machine available now

Hi, boys and girls.

I’m proud to announce availability of an update to the shredder. It
has a new operation mode, but the most of improvements are protective
measures to prevent cutting your fingers or what’s more scaring your
arms up to the shoulders during shred. Order it now in the nearest
CPAN store.

I’m emphatically recommending you to read the following thread ([1])
to understand a bug that exists in the previous versions of shredder,
how to check if your system is affected and fix it.

Change log:
* fea: no_tickets option in Users plugin
* fix: no validation of mail and name in Users plugin as
it’s been broken
* fix: there was typo in the Users plugin
* fix: delete scrips with queues
* fix: with a template delete scrips using it
* fix: delete txns that refer to the current record with
ReferenceType, OldReference and NewReference fields
* fix: delete {Add,Del}Watcher transactions with principals
* fea: more tests

[1] Carbon60: Cloud Consulting - Services and Solutions

Best regards, Ruslan.

Hello Ruslan!

I just installed Shredder 0.0.5, on RT3.6.3.

But the “Shredder” button on the end of the ticket list page
still give me a

“The requested URL /Admin/Tools/Shredder/Search.html was not found on
this server.”

and in fact there is no Search.html :wink: