Altered Mail Header generated in RT4


After an upgrade from RT3 to RT4, I’ve noticed that all ticket creation
notification sent to Outlook have extended sender information.

For example, in RT3, it used to report the sender in the format:


whereas now the sender is listed as

“From: Apache [apache at server] on behalf of

In this case, I would like to remove the ‘on behalf of part from the head’.
Originally, I thought it was some MTA configuration error, but I believe
it has something to do with the upgrade because sending email separately
from RT4 on the same system produces the correct header (i.e.

I did a couple of checks afterwards on to see it was
configured properly (i.e. making sure that $SetCorrespondAddress and
$CommentAddress were set and made $SendmailArguments was defined (set
to Set($SendmailArguments, “-oi -t”):wink:

I also tried switching between sendmail and postfix but they produce the
same header information when using RT4. I also caught an old RT thread (
[rt-users] Removing "Sender: apache at domain" from mail header?)
discussed the same issue which said that adding apache to the list of
trusted sendmail users could resolve the problem but in this case, it does

I’m wondering if there is any other file in RT4 that I missed which may
affect this issue. Thanks.