Also Reminders question


I’m sorry to ask this (probably stupid) question here, but I can’t seem
to find the correct variables to make this work.

By default the “my reminders” show all reminders set for nobody or for
We would like to see the reminders for yourself or for everybody who has
modify rights in the queue in which the reminder is set.

I see that in MyReminders you’ve got:

my $reminders = RT::Tickets->new($session{‘CurrentUser’});
$reminders->FromSQL(’(Owner = “Nobody” OR Owner =
"’.$session{‘CurrentUser’}->Name.’")’ .
’ AND Type = “reminder” AND (Status = “new” OR Status = “open”) AND
Due > “1970-01-01”’);
$reminders->OrderBy(FIELD => ‘Due’, ORDER => ‘DESC’);

Here it should be possible to set a condition that the if the owner of
the message is nobody, the current user should have modify rights for
the queue to which the ticket belongs.
But how can I query for the rights of the user?